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What Is Commercial Finance ?

Commercial finance is the term given to a huge range of business finance products that include both short and long-term solutions, offered by a provider external to the business.

  • Short-term commercial finance:
  •      Buisness Credit Cards
         Trade Credit
         Bridging Loans
         Auction Finance

  • Medium-term commercial finance:
  •      Development Finance
         Merchant Cash Advance
         Business Loans

  • Long-term commercial finance:
  •      Invoice Finance
         Commercial Mortgage
         Buy to Let Mortgages

There is never a one shoe fits all option in life and that is certainly the case when it comes to commercial finance for businesses. You may need multiple product from different lenders to complete your project or vision, this is where an experienced commercial finance broker helps.

Why use a Commercial Finance Broker ?

  • They do the hard work for you.
  • One of the biggest advantages of using a commercial broker is that they take the hard work out of finding the best business loan that is right for you. Essentially, they look at your lending requirements and match you to the right business loan lender.

  • We know what the lenders want to see.
  • A fully independent commercial finance broker possesses all the experience, skills and contacts that are essential to get you the very best deal that caters to every single one of your business needs. The broker’s sole aim is to strive to find you a lender with the best financing solution for even the most complex scenarios. A good broker will already have quick and efficient systems already put in place to ensure smooth running of any finance requests.

  • Better Terms.
  • Commercial finance brokers have ongoing relationships with financial lenders. They constantly bring them new business. More than this, they constantly bring them viable, profitable businesses they know the lenders will want to invest in. Commercial finance brokers can use this goodwill to get you better terms than you would be able to get on your own.

  • We only get paid when you recieve your funding.
  • All of the fees paid to commercial finance brokers are only due when a suitable finance package is agreed by you and when you have received funding, so it is in a brokers interest to make sure they find the best deal to suit your requirements.

As previously mentioned, the information that we have isn’t something you can simply google. It comes with our lifetime experiences, which is the service that you will be paying for. Throughout the course of your career and business, you are likely you need more than one loan. We build relationships with our clients and lenders to provided funding for each stage or your growth.

Can our Buisiness get Commercial Finance

No amount of googling will give you the answer to this question, there will be websites that give you an idea of the possibilities of obtaining funding but essentially every single case is different and also every single lender is different.
A lender for example can simply change their stance on risk in a 24hr period to win new business or to hold back on new business. It is for this reason you can never be certain that the information you have found is up to date. The best way to find out if you can obtain the funding you require is to speak to us directly as we will have current information on our 250 strong lenders panel. We love talking to clients about their business and projects, so get in touch.

What will be discussed in a call

  • What do you need finance for
  • How long do you need it for
  • What industry you operate in
  • What type of finance you need
  • How much you need to borrow
  • How much you can repay
  • Your business risk profile

Once we have worked through the above questions we will be able to go to our panel of lenders and work out who will offer funding, which lenders will have the best rates and ask them to quote for your business.

Types of Commercial Finance

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